Luo Jr-shin (b. 1984, Miaoli, Taiwan) lives and works in Taipei. Luo’s practice revolves around the experimentation of a variety of traditional and unconventional materials. Ranging from clay, resin, metal and everyday objects to food, chemicals and scent, he investigates the underlying spirituality and human condition in our representational world. Interested in the framework and modes of production from which our cognitive experiences arise, Luo is known for capturing and amplifying the absurdity within precarious, illusionary, and sometimes delusionary moments of everyday life. Recent exhibitions include National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (2020); MoCA Taipei, Taipei (2019), Taipei Contemporary Art Centre, Taipei (2018); ACC, Gwangju (2017); Times Museum, Guangzhou (2017); Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei (2014); and Queens Museum, New York (2013).

羅智信(b. 1984,台灣苗栗)在台北生活與工作,其創作實踐圍繞著對於多種傳統和非典型材料的實驗,從陶土、樹脂、金屬、日常物件、食物、化學材料、香味中,去探索再現世界裡所隱含的精神性與人類況境。他關注生產架構與模式所衍生的認知經驗,擅長捕捉日常生活間不穩定的、虛幻或甚至妄想的時刻。近日展覽包括:國立台灣美術館,台中(2020);台北當代館,台北(2019);台北當代藝術中心,台北(2018);亞洲文化殿堂,光州(2017);時代美術館,廣州(2017);台北市立美術館,台北(2014);皇后美術館,紐約(2013)。