【Photographs / Sculptures】

羅智信個展 a solo show of LUO Jr-shin 海馬廻光畫館,台南
Fotoaura institute of photography, Tainan, Taiwan



The photography project has been carried out over a duration of more than 5 years. During the process behind lens, I realized I still sought the same elements that I pursued in sculpture - colors, texture, structure, volume, and the assemblage of objects. Yet through the lens, I attempted to capture the contrast and dialogue between materials in 2-dimensional images. In the end it became clear to me that the natural, artificial, functional or coincidental objects and situation I quested after on the streets are in fact "ready-made" to me.

The use of ready-made objects in creating works has been essential to my creative process. In the manipulation of these objects, I inevitably become aware of the underlying meaning and context rooted in daily life, and how they would deeply influence the ways audience perceive and respond to my work. They correspond to the personal yet universal memories, habits and lifestyle, so that each individual viewer is capable of interpreting and experiencing the work in their own way. Therefore, the "ready-made" are no longer merely daily objects; the concept of its existence encapsulates the appearance, patterns, and trails of human life at large.

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