The Other Face of the Moon
Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea
10.27.2017 - 2.4.2018

Participating artists: Aslı Çavuşoğlu & Alper Maral, Chun Kaifeng, FHHH Friends, GimHongsok, Iman Issa, Teppei Kaneuji, Koo Jeong A, Lee Kit, Sanghyeok Lee, Seulgi Lee, Lee Sukyung, Liu Ding, Luo Jr-shin, Prabhakar Pachpute, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Rho Jae Oon, Sasa【44】, Hyun-Suk Seo, Asako Shiroki, Slavs and Tatars, Study O Portable, Trevor Yeung

Commission project by ACC(Gwangju) and Mucem(Marseille)

Participating work:
in Budding, in Blooming, in Withering, 2017
Metal, mirror, pigment print, scented soap, glass vase, flower. In plastic bag: green tea, beer, whisky, soft drink
Each approx.: 80x50x15cm

[In order to document the war on AIDS that was carried out in Western societies since the 80s, Mucem has collected more than 6,000 items such as AIDS prevention brochures, research publications, gift items, and interview videos. Luo Jr-shin uses this archival material to address AIDS, the contemporary notion of hygiene, and the perception of others. Images found in brochures are printed onto vintage-styled mirrors that were popular in the U.S. and Europe during the 80s and the 90s. When the images overlap with the viewer’s reflected face, a mixture of familiarity and the strangeness occurs. The white flowers on the shelf, some of which are in blooming and others in withering like the title of the piece, allude to the cycle of life and death.]
TextIJiwon Lee

Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Asia Culture Center, photographed by Hong Cheolki.


亞洲藝術殿堂, 光州, 南韓
10.27.2017 - 2.4.2018

參加藝術家:Aslı Çavuşoğlu & Alper Maral、冯俊凯(Chun Kaifeng)、FHHH Friends、GimHongsok、艾曼•伊沙(Iman Issa)、金氏彻平(Teppei Kaneuji)、Koo Jeong A、Lee Kit、Sanghyeok Lee、Seulgi Lee、Lee Sukyung、刘鼎(Liu Ding)、罗智信(Luo Jr-shin)、普拉巴卡尔•帕克布奇(Prabhakar Pachpute)、Gary-Ross Pastrana、Rho Jae Oon、Sasa【44】、Hyun-Suk Seo、白木麻子(Asako Shiroki)、Slavs and Tatars、Study O Portable、杨沛铿(Trevor Yeung)



文字IJiwon Lee

攝影致謝:Asia Culture Center 光州,Hong Cheolki攝