New Work Project - collaboration project with Niu, Chun-Chiang
Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei
8.3-9.1, 2013

In the exhibition of “New Work Project,” two artists need to select three former artworks from the other for remodification. After a long discussion and communication in behalf of comprehending the opposite party, every piecemeal went through the faith of either withhold or discard, and then transformed into a ‘New/Old Work.’ In hence, the viewers will notice 12 workpieces with only 6 titles when they come to the exhibition. These were ‘anew’ creations with different materials and techniques from past time. Perhaps, there might be a deeper message within the works, which carry out by another artist, unfold in front of the viewers? Or is it possible that two artworks could truly become the same piece while the creative concept and subject are coherent to each other?


《新作輯》 -牛俊強、羅智信創作計劃
8.3-9.1, 2013

在「 New Work Project | 新作輯」裡面,兩位藝術家各自挑選了對方三件之前的作品。經過漫長的討論與溝通,與對彼此創作的瞭解基礎,各自重新製作了對方的作品:一件件經歷保留,捨棄、再製轉化的「全新舊作」。當觀者走進展覽時,將會看見12件作品,卻僅共享6個標題。這些重新閱讀並再製的作品。產生的「新」作,是否只是轉換了材料和手法?或其中有更深層的訊息藉由另一位創作者挖掘並展現在觀眾面前?或者,在創作概念與內容的一致前提下,這兩件作品,是否真可能為「同一件」作品?

The Banquet | mixed media, poster / dimensions variable
晚宴 | 綜合媒材、海報 / 尺寸依空間而定

poster front and back

Even They Never Met | mirror, glass, watermelon(yellow and red) / approx. 100x50x50cm
即使她們從未相見 | 玻璃、鏡子、西瓜(黃色與紅色) / 約100x50x50cm

We’ll meet at 8:00pm, July 28, 2011 | shoes, chairs, shoe lace, Post-it note, mixed media / dimensions variable
我們約2011年7月28日晚上8點見面 | 鞋子、椅子、鞋帶、便條紙、綜合媒材 / 尺寸依空間而定