Fictional Organic
Daecheong Ho Museum of Art, South Korea
Artists: Dohee Kim, Jrshin Luo, Makizono Kenji

For this group exhibition Fictional Organic, Luo presented a project called Old Color. In this work, inspired by the local history of flood and evacuation for the dam construction, he tried to retrace the evidence and memory of the residents of Daecheong lake area before 1975. The soil and other organic substances which collected from different spots around the lake area had been used for making pigment. The varied colors were applied on different surface of household fabrics such as old T-shirt, sheet, pillow case, and curtain. The stretched fabrics reminded viewers the painting canvases, human's body or skin surfaces.


藝術家:Dohee Kim、Jrshin Luo、Makizono Kenji