Open Containers | Luo, Jr-shin Solo Exhibition
Exhibition Dates:19 March - 1 May, 2016
venue: Michael Ku gallery

“Open Containers” is artist Luo, Jr-shin’s first solo exhibition at Michael Ku Gallery. In this exhibition, Luo, Jr-shin integrates images, objects, installations, and sculptures, blending them cleverly into an open yet specific narrative. As a continuation of his artistic practice in which he explores objects and materials, Luo, Jr-shin goes beyond developing the ready-made properties by vigorously experimenting with the elements through juxtaposition, overlapping, and even collision. In so doing, he creates a unique artistic language. The exhibition includes a series of his recent works created with a myriad of combined techniques such as silicon rubber, UV printing, and digital textile printing.

Beyond the visual language, the sense of smell is an inconspicuous but pivotal element in the exhibition. The artist selected a common solid air freshener to serve as a metaphor, its cheap image and scent accurately marking experiences that we all share. Its coordinates might exist on a point of forced suspension that took place somewhere along a journey or a moment of naked privacy in a public space. Simultaneously, this invisible smell responds to the title, permeating and probing the shape of the space with its scent.

photography | Manbo Key

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開放容器 | 羅智信個展
展覽日期:2016年3月19日(六) 至5月1日(日)